Select – Standard – Feature grade timber

October 6, 2020

In regards to any material there is select-grade, standard-grade and feature-grade. The grade of timber refers to how much  feature is in the timber. Select-grade material is nice and clear with almost no feature and feature-grade material has the most feature throughout. We quote staircases using select-grade material as timber with features can weaken the structural integrity of the staircase. Some feature grade timbers can be used to make your staircase however there are some that we can not use, depending on the sizing of the components required to make your staircase. If you are after a staircase with feature, we recommend standard-grade material.

The feature  in the timber is made up from gum veins, insect trails, gum pockets, knots, etc. If there is a large amount of feature in the staircase material the timber could split over time making your staircase dangerous to walk on. We quote all our staircases in select-grade material unless specified by our customers.

If you would like a timber with feature, let us know and we can have a chat to make sure you get the look your after without compromising your safety and also ensuring your staircase last the lifetime of your home.