Our Suppliers – Coastal Staircases Geelong

June 24, 2020

We take all stair component products seriously at Coastal Staircases. This is to ensure that our finished product is at a standard not only we will be happy with but our customers love it too. We know that if we have the best quality products then our stairs are going to look fantastic, last a long time and also past final inspection from your surveyor (for more information read our blog “Coastal Staircases – Glass balustrade. Helping your surveyors by being proactive!”.

Our suppliers update us regularly on our glass, steel, stainless steel and timber products. We are always in close contact with the reps to make sure we are giving you the best products and information you need beyond installation, such as maintaining your product to make sure your finished order not only looks the best but lasts as well.

All of our products are sourced locally or interstate (we do not buy from overseas companies). We use a lot of stainless steel when it comes to balustrades. All the fittings that hold your glass in place are stainless steel. Used internally and externally it is important that we use either 316 or 2205 grade stainless.

The timber for your staircase is quoted based on select-grade materials (unless specified by you). Feature-grade and standard grade can have veins, holes and knots that can weaken parts of your staircase which can cause many problems over time. We have made our suppliers aware of these possible future issues and they ensure we only get the best timber to make your staircase.

So, shout out to all of our suppliers for helping us produce the best quality staircases for our customers.