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November 14, 2019

If you require a drawing for any reason, whether it be to submit to council for their approval, or you just want to know what your staircase and balustrade will look like, we can help you. We can provide a drawing through Sketchup which will give you a clear idea of what you have been quoted. Depending on the detail of drawing you are after this may come at an extra cost. If you require a drawing, please let us know in your quote request what it is for and we will determine if/what costs need to be added to your quote.


Engineering (steel central stringers/steel spiral staircases/glass balustrading):
We have generic non site-specific product engineering available for spirals and steel central stringer staircases and we follow manufacturers design and installation guides for our glass products. However, your surveyor may request additional engineering. We suggest you ask your surveyor before getting a quote from us to see what option they require in relation to the below points.

1) Generic non site-specific product engineering / manufacturers installation & design guides. $Free

2) Detailed Sketchup of the stair/balustrade design. $100-600 ex GST (Sketchup, approximately 3 weeks after site measure)

3) Site specific engineering and calculations. $900 – $2500 ex GST (engineering approximately 6-8 weeks after site measure)

By providing this information, this will hopefully benefit all those involved with the planning and scheduling of all aspects of your project. We will quote accordingly pending the response from your surveyor to the above.


Steel – We can provide powdercoat/paint options for our steel stairs and components.
Timber handrails & treads only – We do not provide staining but we can provide clear finish in CFP gloss or satin at your request.
Treads only supplied or for steel central stringers – We can apply Bona Traffic Anti-slip finish.
Handrails – We can apply CFP clear gloss or satin finish to match your staircase.
Benchtops – We can apply black or clear resin as well as finish in CFP gloss or satin to suit your home.


Display office:
Our display room/office is located at front of our factory. We recommend all customers come and visit our showroom for final selection of styles and finishes and to help understand your quotes better. In our display room we have a number of different styles of staircases, balustrades and components you can move around and interchange. Our displays give our customers the opportunity to get their hands on the product, which helps in making final choices.


We recommend that everyone come into our display room so you can see what you have been quoted. We have a large display room with many options/components to show you. This will help you have a better understanding of your quote and what has been quoted, so there are no nasty surprises after we install your staircase. We don’t want you thinking you have asked for something and received something else. Checking to see the colours of timber as well as the style of staircase and balustrade will ensure you are getting the product you want.

Sometimes what our customers want doesn’t always work with their current plans. We can explain and show you how to get the staircase you want, suggesting the best configuration and style to fit in with the look you are after. Bring in your plans and we can tell you the best options for your configuration of staircase.

We also understand that we cannot always provide exactly what our customers want. If there is something we can’t help you with, we have no problems referring you to another supplier that can help you to achieve the look you want.

Inquire when you send though a quote request form and we will be sure to add your extra request as an option to your quote.

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