Why we use SELECT-grade timber – Coastal Staircases

October 10, 2019

At Coastal Staircases we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That’s why our timber staircases are always quoted with select-grade material. Unless you specify a lesser grade, select is what you are going to get.

Feature-grade and standard grade can have veins, holes and knots that can weaken parts of your staircase which can cause many problems over time. So, we try to steer clear of timber with too much feature to ensure your staircase is the strongest it can be and last the lifetime of your home.

When it comes to comparing our quote with other businesses, this detail is important to take notice of. What timber grade are they using for your staircase? If it is not specified, there is a good chance it is a standard grade product.

We have a number of timber suppliers we trust who will supply us with the best quality timber to build your staircase.  The reps visit us monthly for an update on their delivery to ensure not only are we happy but our customers are happy with their timber products.

Shout out to our timber suppliers for helping us construct the best quality staircases for all our customers!