Coastal Staircases – Glass balustrade. Helping your surveyors by being proactive!

August 29, 2019

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for surveyors to sign off on particular fittings and fixtures in application of balustrades. This is due to the extremely large variety of materials, fittings and fixtures available and the varied applications that they can all be applied. We understand that this can be hard for the surveyors to keep track of. All fittings and fixtures need to meet up-to-date regulations. In some cases the surveyors might request product engineering and/or load rating certificates.

Luckily, Coastal Staircases is on the ball!

Nicole at Coastal Staircases has researched products around Australia and spoken to many suppliers to ensure we only buy products that have been tried and tested. We are working very closely with our suppliers to ensure we have everything we need to keep your surveyor happy. So, when your surveyor hits you with the hard questions about load rating certificates and engineering, we have everything ready to assist you in getting that big tick of approval. They are all here-from patch fittings, to spigots, to glass. We can even show you installation guides. We can also help with staircase and or balustrade design drawings for your surveyor to approve if requested.

Now you and your surveyor can find comfort in knowing that you are in the best hands. Our motto “Be proactive, not reactive!”

For more information feel free to contact Nicole in the office on 03 5248 7000.