New timber available – EUROPEAN BEECH!

July 9, 2019

There has been plenty of talk about the supply of Victorian Ash being reduced now and over the coming years. Not good news for many in the construction industry!

Vic Ash is regularly requested by our clients for staircases, handrail and benchtops due to the uniform grain and durability.

Recently we were approached by our timber wholesaler with a new product which will be a great alternative to Victorian Ash – European Beech!

Euro Beech is sourced from sustainably managed forest with their government supporting the forest and the sawmillers by removing pine plantations to grow Euro Beech, only harvesting 66% of the re grown trees.

Moisture content is between 7% – 9% with a density of 720kg/cbm.

The beauty of this timber is that the grain is uniform with an even colour.

Want some technical information? Read below:

Wood Properties of Beech against Vic Ash

Beech Vic Ash
Density 710 kg/m3 650 kg/m3
Basic Density (12%) 71 66
Janka Hardness 6460 n 4900 n
Modulas / Rapture 110.1 Mpa 110 Mpa
Modulas / Elasticity 14.31 Gpa 15.5 Gpa
Crushing Strength 57.0 Mpa 61.6 Mpa
     Radial 5.70% 5.20%
     Tangential 10.5% 8.50%
Durability (above ground) Only for weather protected applications unless treated
Termite Resistant No No

Give this product a try and see what you think!


Staircase made with European Beech. (Staircase made by third party).

Staircase made with European Beech. (Staircase made by third party).