Your staircase is ready to measure when?….

August 16, 2018

Once we receive the deposit payment your order will be scheduled for a measure. If you’re not sure when to order, or the best time for your measure, this blog will help you.

We require the top and bottom floor, and framing for the stairwell to be finished before we can conduct an accurate measure. The main measurements we look for are the floor to floor measurement (which we cannot do without the top floor), the width of the stairwell and the layout for your staircase.

Once your deposit has been paid we come out and measure within 1-2 weeks.  Please note, we like to measure before plaster so we can let you know if you need additional noggings or stud work for handrails, etc.

If your order is for a renovation then this changes things. If you are using the existing stairwell, we can come out and measure straight away. If you need to modify your stairwell then you may require a builder to help you assess the new location for your staircase before we can help you. If you are in this situation feel free to contact the office and we can give you a list of builders in your area that would be happy to assist with your renovation.

Sometimes additional work is specified at measure or after. This will be reflected on your status update sheet which will be emailed to you weekly. See an example of the status update here.

Now that we have everything to install your staircase, lets get the bad boy/girl in!