You have just placed an order with Coastal Staircases, now what? – Status Updates

December 19, 2017

Now that you have an order with Coastal Staircases I’m sure you have lots of questions. Once an order is made you will receive a call or text within the next 2 weeks to conduct an onsite measure.

Once a measure has been conducted you will receive a status update. This will have everything you need to know in regards to the installation or supply of your order and hopefully answer all of your questions. It will have installation dates, requirements that will need to be met onsite prior to installation and if we require any additional information or there is anything that needs to be confirmed you will see it on this update. We will send these updates to your email weekly. There may not always be changes to your last status update but we recommend you check weekly to ensure there are no hold ups on your order.

Your status update will look something like this:

Hopefully this will provide you with more detail about your order which will benefit you and or your business in its planning. If you have any suggestions or queries about our status update feel free to let us know. Our friendly staff are always here to help.