Important tips when designing your staircase! – Coastal Staircases Geelong

July 25, 2018

Picking the right staircase for your home can be challenging. You can have a stair that is visually pleasing making a statement for your home or a stair just used for its purpose, to get from one floor space to another. Either way it is important that you get it right. Whether it is a renovation, uplift or a new staircase we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

It all starts with looking at the space where your staircase is going and choosing the right configuration for your staircase. If poorly designed a stair can create a wasted space or make your home look cluttered. Be sure to get a staircase installed that doesn’t leave it looking like an afterthought by planning and spacing it just right.

Once we have the configuration sorted, then we can concentrate on style. One way of doing this is the balustrade. The balustrade for your staircase can either keep a room looking open and bright or closed off and dark. With many options to choose, from timber or stainless balusters, wire or glass, we have you covered. We will help you select the perfect balustrade to ensure your staircase and balustrade will complement the rest of your home.

So come into our display room! Bring your plans and some photos of what you like or check out our gallery and we will help you design the best staircase and balustrade for your stairwell today!

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