Budget Stairs PLY – Geelong Staircases

March 6, 2017

If you want a staircase for your home but are on a budget, our Ply staircase is the way to go. Now this staircase isn’t cosmetically appealing when we are done with it so if you are considering clearing it, this staircase is not for you. This staircase is designed to be installed, in between walls and covered with any flooring. Once you get some flooring or carpet on top, your staircase will look great without the expensive price tag.

We get a lot of questions about this type of staircase such as: Is the staircase strong enough? Will this staircase last? Yes and Yes!

This staircase is of great quality. It is a simple staircase, closed cut-stringer style, designed to be installed in between walls. It is made from 25mm CD structural ply which is strong and weather proof (better than MDF). This staircase can be installed early for safe access at framing stage. As this staircase is quick and easy for both construction and installation, there is a much shorter lead time than a hardwood stair. Kit options are also available for easy installation by you or your chippy.

The difference between our budget staircase and another company’s product is we are not inclined to take shortcuts. Some company’s don’t use glue and use nail guns to put the staircase together. Our staircases are squeak free, level and both glued and screwed for a more secure structure. Team this staircase up with a handrail to match your flooring or in stainless steel to match your home and you are set!

For more information on our budget staircase please contact our friendly staff at our office, or visit our display room to see our sample.

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