What we require to get a quote to you today! – Coastal Staircases

February 2, 2017

Coastal Staircases will provide a quote based on the details provided by you.

If you are starting a new build the quickest way we can get a quote to you, is for you to send through or deliver the following:

  • A copy of the ground floor and first floor plans,
  • Elevation or provide a floor to floor measurement
  • Stair details – Style of staircase and/or balustrade
  • Materials. Type of timber or balustrade steel, glass etc

If you are renovating an existing build please provide the following:

  • Photos of stair if replacing balustrade
  • Photo of the space or stairwell if you are wanting a stair quote
  • Floor to floor measurement
  • Width measurement
  • Stair or balustrade details
  • Materials – Type of timber and/or balustrade. Glass, stainless steel, wire etc.

You can complete the look of your home by matching your balcony balustrade with your staircase. Please provide plans, drawings or measurements in addition to the above details.

Your quote is free if you can provide the information stated above. If you do not have any plans or drawings available, one of our expert site consultants may be able to visit on site to go through your specifications, give you guidance to achieve the outcome you are wanting and measure for your quote. Depending on how busy we are and availability, this may take a few weeks but please ensure your will be contacted on our next available measure day. This measure will incur a fee which will then be deducted from your deposit payment if you choose to go ahead with your quote.

We have a great range of stair and balustrade designs for you to choose from. If you are unsure of requirements or design, please visit out display room for technical advice from one of our staff members.

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