Stair and Balustrade Maintenance – Staircases Geelong and Surfcoast

April 4, 2017

We get a lot of customers ask us about how to care for their staircase and balustrade. All products require maintenance from timber to mild steel and stainless steel. If you are staining your external timber deck yearly then why not your staircase? Timber is a natural product therefore it needs to be properly maintained. Each timber ages differently and the maintenance will depend on how often the stairs are used and where the staircase in located. If you have any specific questions on how often to paint/polish your timber stairs it is best to consult your painter.

Some customers think that going with a steel product means less maintenance, this is not true. Stainless steel and mild steel need to be washed regularly, especially when placed in coastal areas. This will stop the build up of dirt and corrosive agents (salt, minerals etc.). If this build up is not washed off regularly rust may form or tea staining may occur depending on product.

Please refer to our Product Information Sheets for further information on how to care for your staircase and its components.