No plans. No worries. Instructions to measure your staircase for a quote – Coastal Staircases

January 28, 2020

Due to our current processes, we are unable to conduct a measure prior to order. Kris the director of the company is the only person that can conduct measures at this time. His time is very valuable as he quotes, consults, manages production, measures and assists with installation. This is why we conduct measures after an order is placed. Your quote includes a measure, therefore, once the quote is accepted, a measure will be conducted.

We understand that this does not work for some of our customers but we are busy with existing orders which are our priority. If you wish to become a priority please send through some plans, drawings or photos (if updating an existing staircase) for quotation. Once a deposit is placed you will be scheduled for the next available site measure.

If plans aren’t available, you can provide us with the basic measurements we conduct on site at measure, then we can get a quote to you. If you are happy with your quote and place an order by making a deposit payment, we can conduct an onsite measure and confirm the measurements for you. If you are confident with your measurements and do not require us to conduct a measure, we can take the amount it costs us to measure off your stair quote. We will also require floor covering types and thicknesses for all floor levels, including staircase covering and thickness (if required).

See the guide below to help you understand what we measure onsite. If you feel you can provide these measurements feel free to use this guide to send through to us.

If you would like to consult with us directly, bring your measurements, photos, plans drawings or whatever you can provide, into our display office to consult with one of our friendly staff directly. You will then be able to see our display of staircase and balustrade styles. You can even play around with our interchangeable balusters and handrails. This will give you and our staff a better idea of your project and quote.

No appointment required, come see us at 70 Anomaly Street, Moolap between 8am and 4pm for a consultation today. Hope to see you soon!