12 Reasons why you should choose Coastal Staircases

December 10, 2018
  1. We have the largest range & showroom in Geelong
  2. All of our components are CNC router-machined for accuracy
  3. We have award winning tradesmen & apprentices
  4. We provide accurate, written quotes – final price, no ‘estimations’
  5. Always select-grade timber unless otherwise specified (read more on this below under timber standards).
  6. All timber to be painted or stained is sanded, fixings are hidden and MDF tread protectors are provided for sanded treads
  7. We provide traditional style construction with screws, glue, plugs, wedges & glue blocks (read more about this below under fixings).
  8. Custom machining includes moulding, dressing, laminating & CNC machining.
  9. All of our suppliers are Australian based companies and businesses only. Includes glass, steel, stainless steel and timber. We do not import from overseas.
  10. We don’t just construct your staircase, we help create the best stair for you! We can offer you advice, give you the very best customer service, refer you elsewhere if we are unable to help and we are there to answer any questions from start to completion of your order.
  11. We are there for you even after your staircase is installed. If any issues occur over time give us a call and we will go out and inspect your staircase and its components.
  12. Get everything ordered in one place. We can fabricate steel, machine timber, install glass balustrade and more.

Stair builders use different installation practices when installing their product. Depending on the type of staircase required we use additional fixings to ensure a secure fixing to all structural areas, use the glue and screw method with extra glue blocks (not applicable for some custom made staircases for example  steel and timber central stringer, box-style or open-rise staircases), which together will reduce the possibility of squeaks or movement in future. Some companies simply nail-gun their staircases.

Timber Standards
There are several standards for timber, ranging from structural timber for framing houses to select-grade for clear timber. Most stair builders use either standard or select-grade timbers. We only offer select-grade timbers unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Standard grade timber shows gum veins, knots, insect trails and other unusual grain effects. It is a unique and increasingly popular grade, which includes the most interesting variation and marking to enhance its character.

Select grade timber features a low level of marks and natural characteristics. Select grade is valued for its sleek, clean, uniform appearance and is perfect for modern, minimalist and traditional settings.

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