Our most popular modern look staircase – Coastal Staircases

May 17, 2018

The steel central stringer is one of the most popular styles for a modern look staircase. It can be installed internal or externally with the right timber (read more on external and internal timbers here). The steel stringer is usually painted black although it can be painted/powdercoated any colour. The steel stringer is our standard design guaranteed to be level for perfect installation.

The treads which can be anywhere from 42mm thick (with riser beads), up to 66+mm are rebated to beautiful fit over the tread plates for a flush sleek look. Team it up with glass balustrade, wire or another balustrade combination and it can turn any stairwell into a beautiful masterpiece.

Steel not your thing? Consider a timber central stringer with timber wrapped over a steel stringer for a softer look. See more photos of steel central stringers or timber central stringers or visit our show room for a closer look and feel of our products. Inquire today.