Internal and External timber Types – Finding the right timber for the job!

March 1, 2018

When choosing a timber type for your staircase it is easy to be swayed one way or another due to the look or colour or feature you want to achieve but that might not be in your best interest in the long run. There are some timbers that are not suitable for certain jobs especially when it comes down to the location of your staircase. There are certain timbers that can withstand weather better than others. To ensure you get the best life out of your staircase make sure you choose your timber wisely.

– External timber types we recommend are: Merbau, Jarrah, Spotted Gum and Treated Pine.
– Internal timber types we recommend are: Pine, Ply, Vic Ash, Iron Bark, Spotted Gum, Blackwood, Blackbutt, Sydney Blue Gum and American Oak.

Other factors to concider when finding the perfect timber type for you home may be:

Available sizing & quality
Some timbers are not always available in the sizes we require to make your staircase. If your timber choice is only available in smaller sizes we may not be able to get the pieces we need to make the stringers and treads for your staircase. Other timbers such as Stringy Bark and Wormy Chestnut which would look good in your home, we do not recommended as they consists of a lot of feature, knots etc., which can cause weak spots in your staircase.

Matching other timbers around your home
Most customers will choose a timber to match their timber floors or furniture around the home. With the wide range of timber flooring going around, it may be hard to match your flooring exactly (this could be due to the quality of material or sizes available to us), we will do our best to get the stairs to match as close as possible. Alternatively we could provide a staircase in ply and you could get the same timber flooring to cover the staircase for an exact match or we could choose a light colored material such as Victorian Ash for staining to match.

Timbers for painting or carpet
Depending on the style of your staircase a great option to concider may be for us to provide a Ply or Pine staircase for flooring overlay (by other). This option allows for matching your flooring exactly. Ply options are only suitable if your staircase is in situated in-between walls either side. Pine is also great for painting and covering and can be used in combination with hardwood. These options are also a cheaper  but still a very stable alternative if you are on a tight budget. We no not use MDF material and find Ply is a much better quality product in the long run.

If there is another timber type you would like not mentioned above, please let us know and we will give you the best advice to ensure your staircase will last the years that follow.