Staircases Terminology

August 31, 2016

When you request a quote, if you do not have detailed plans you will be asked a range of questions about how you want to design certain aspects of your staircase or balustrade. When you are not in the know stair terminology can often become confusing. Please see a list of common staircase terminology below.

TREAD: A staircase tread is the physical step of a staircase where your foot is placed.

RISER: The vertical dimension from one tread to the next.

GOING: The individual going of a step is measured from face of riser to face of riser and for domestic use should be a minimum of 240mm.

STRINGERS: The sides of the stairs, there are two basic shapes.
– Full-stringer is a board with treads and risers fitted into it.
– Cut-stringer is fitted to the underside of the treads and risers.

NOSING: The overhang at the front of the tread, this is normally 20mm. Modern staircases often omit the overhang for a cleaner look.

WINDER: Are radiating steps narrower at one end that are used to change the direction of a stairs through 90° or 180°.

LANDING: An intermediate floor or platform between flights of stairs. Landings permit directional changes in stair travel, could be ½ landing or a ¼ landing.

FLOOR TO FLOOR: The vertical distance between the top of the lower level finished floor to the top of the upper level finished floor, the total rise of the stair.

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