timber vanity


This vanity top was made for a customer who supplied their own timber. Made from Recycled Messmate, holes were filled in with clear resin (big holes), black putty and clear finish.
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The desk top was made by Coastal Staircases from Vic Ash and finished as a desk by one of our customers.
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Clifton Springs Primary School was given a donation of a storm water pipe when the council was upgrading the storm water pipes through their playground. After a bit of brain storming this castle was designed to utilize the pipe for the kids junior play area.  
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Beautiful custom made dining table. This dot image is a interpretation of the Aboriginal symbol for Meeting Place.        
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Recycled Messmate benchtop. Includes waterfall ends, holes filled in with black putty and clear coat finish.        
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Recycled Messmate tabletop. Includes holes filled in with black putty, finished in Treatex Lustre. This table top was made for Ministry of Food headquarters in Melbourne.  
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Recycled Messmate benchtop. Includes holes filled in with black putty and a satin finish.                          
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spiral staircase Geelong


Steel spiral staircase. Internal application with a black powdercoat and Vic Ash treads and landing.
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Timber central stringer in progress with 42mm treads (riser beads yet to be put in), in Vic Ash and 2x aluminium strips stopped short per tread. Bottom treads and risers in closed full stringer. Balustrade consists of 90x90mm posts, 60mm round handrail, 12mm round stainless balusters.
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