What to expect from our quotes – Coastal Staircases

April 1, 2020

You will get a descriptive quote from us but it has come to our attention that even though our quote is quite descriptive some of our customers misinterpret some details. What’s included? What’s not included?  What’s standard?

Important details to note are as follows:

  • Balustrade: All balustrade that is quoted, is quoted at 1m high. Balustrade can be installed higher than 1m or floor-to-ceiling. If it is not specified that it is higher or floor-to-ceiling your balustrade will always be installed 1m high.
  • Round timber handrails: All timber handrails have a slight flat bottom approx. 20mm wide. Our programmable moulder is set to run all timber handrails this way as it is safer for our staff and doesn’t take as long to run. If they need to be completely round (no flat bottom) please let us know as this will take extra time and labour and will cost slightly more also.
  • Stainless wire: All stainless wire is quoted horizontally or following the rake of the staircase. Wire can be installed vertically, but unless it specifically written ‘installed vertically’ on your quote it will always be installed horizontally.
  • Stair components: Most components that make up your staircase are from timber that has been laminated from smaller sections of solid timber. It is very hard to source solid material in the sizes we need to make some of your staircase components and if we can it is very expensive. To save you money we laminate the timber together. Unless your quote specifies that components are solid, they will be laminated.
  • Tread protectors: For hardwood staircases or treads, we always provide tread protectors. This will be stated on your quote in the included section. The tread protectors are sticky-taped (never nailed or screwed) onto your treads after the staircase/treads are installed. Once we install the tread protectors it is the site supervisor’s responsibility to ensure your staircase does not get damaged.
  • Staircase finish: Your staircase will be quoted and installed raw (no stain/paint/clear etc.). Lots of components need to be cut and fitted on-site. Damage to your staircase cannot be fixed once it is coated. There are only a few components that are installed/supplied as a finished product. If there are finished components with a coating, this will be specified on your quote form.
    – All timber to be stained/painted will be sanded to 60 grit (unless being covered).
  • Glass balustrade: Glass pieces are always left with the stickers on for your surveyors inspection. We do not come back to take these off, it is your responsibility to do this.
  • Under the staircase: We do not make a closed rise staircase to look amazing underneath. It will not be sanded, polished or filled in underneath by us. Unless it is not being closed in, it will not look pretty.
  • Included/Not Included: Your quote will specify at the bottom things that are included and things that are not included in the price.


Please do not assume something is included or not included. We do try to write as much detail as we can to help you make your final decision when comparing quotes but if you are unsure of something please ask us. You are always welcome to visit our display room so we can show you what we have quoted as well. We are always here to help and we would rather you be sure you are getting exactly what you want than have something installed that is not what you expected later.