Stair nosings – What is their purpose and which one should I choose for my staircase?

April 2, 2019

The stair nosing is a necessary part of the structure of your staircase, but does it serve any other purpose? The stair nosing can provide extra safety to your staircase. It overhangs the top of the tread and provides extra space for you to step on. It also helps protect the edge of your treads from getting damaged and wearing down over time. Research has also shown that it improves visibility of each step which in turn prevents trips, slips and falls. It can also be aesthetically pleasing if you pick the right style for your home.

 Square / Arrissed

This is a popular nosing style for modern and contemporary style staircases but can suit other styles too. This square nosing is what we call arrissed as it is slightly sanded on the edge to take of that sharpness which helps prevent it from damaging easily.



Pencil Round

Great for the more traditional and contemporary style staircases but can also suit other styles. It is called pencil round due to the roundness which looks like a pencil that has been laid on its side on the edge of the tread. This style is the most durable of them all.



No Overhang

This style is best for stairs being covered with carpet or flooring but some customers just like a flush clean look with no overhang for a modern look. In this instance we router a shadowline underneath the riser to help with visibility and maintenance.



So there you have it! Now which one will you choose?