How to measure your staircase for a new handrail – Handrails Geelong

October 22, 2018

Are you after a handrail for your staircase? Maybe you want to replace the one you have because it is dated or damaged. Or maybe you bought a house and it didn’t come with a handrail on the staircase. Not to worry, Coastal Staircases have it covered! But, we may need your help to do one thing.

Sometimes we are very busy with orders and do not have anybody available to do a measure for your quote. We can put you on a wait list but it will be much quicker and easier for you to measure so we can get that quote to you ASAP. Here are some simple tips on how you can measure your handrail for a quick quote.

Firstly, does your staircase legally require a handrail? If your staircase is less than 1m high or no more than 4 steps, your staircase does not legally require a handrail. However, some people do prefer to install a handrail for safety precautions which is absolutely fine.

If the handrail that is installed meets regulations, you should be able to measure the existing handrail. If there is no existing handrail then please follow the diagram below.


Now just because you had conducted the measure, it doesn’t mean we won’t come out and confirm the measurements after it’s ordered, unless you are absolutely confident that your measurements are correct. If we are not conducting a measure, ensure your measurements are accurate before calling us.

What are you waiting for? Call or email us the following information and we will get a quote to you:

  • Length/s
  • Handrail material. Timber Species / Stainless Steel / Black
  • Handrail profile. Visit our gallery, blog or display room for options
  • Handrail bracket choice. Visit our blog or display room for options

Now that you have sent the following we will email your quote within 3 days. Talk to you soon!