Staircase Repairs and Renovations – Staircases Geelong

July 5, 2017

We often get asked, “Can Coastal Staircases repair or renovate an existing staircase or balustrade?” We can BUT, repairing and renovating staircases can be complicated based on many factors. We review each request individually.

In some cases the balustrade is incorporated into the staircase which doesn’t make for an easy change. If we were to replace and existing balustrade, in some cases we would have to take the stair out, bring it back to our factory, amend it and re install it. This obviously depends on what you have existing and what you want to replace it with (timber/glass/wire/steel, etc.).  In cases like this it could cost more than just replacing your existing staircase with a whole new one, once again this depends on what you want to replace it with.

In most cases it is no problem at all. Depending on scheduling we may be able to come out on site and discuss some options with you, otherwise just send us a few photo’s of your existing staircase and/or balustrade and let us know what you would like to replace it with. We can then give you the advice and guidance you need to achieve a new look without having to completely replace your existing staircase.

Come into our display room to have a look at our staircases and balustrade samples and get a quote today.