Geelong Staircases – What areas do we cover?

April 27, 2017

Can we travel to Melbourne and outer suburbs? Can we quote for jobs in other states?

The answer is yes BUT, depending on the location and the type of job distance may be over our threshold. Travel alone will be costly and we feel you may receive a better priced quote from a stair business local based to you. Our quote may be more expensive than local quotes due to travel time, parking, toll costs and accommodation (if required).

Depending on the staircase we could quote to supply a stair for delivery or pick up from our factory. Your order will be packaged ready for freight, frieght will need to be arranged by you. Measurements provided by you would need to be accurate to ensure installation runs efficiently once it is received.

For a list of areas we cover please go to our FAQ page and look under “What areas of Geelong do Coastal Staircases cover?”

When you receive you quote, remember to compare apples with apples. If we are more expensive then travel time may be a major factor. Please refer to our blog ‘Comparing Quotes – Staircases and Balustrade’ to help you compare quotes.

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