Cantilevered staircases Torquay

April 30, 2012

Another year has flown by and the new one begins with changes in some areas.  Firstly, we have introduced a new discount system which will benefit our great payers, and secondly, we have a new tradesman, Ross, starting with us. Those are just to name a few.

I am excited about two big jobs that are nearing completion. Our box staircases are due to have their stainless steel and glass balustrade installed within the next week or two and I hope to post a photo of the finished result soon. Also, our first cantilevered staircase is due to have its timber treads installed.


This photo shows the treads in place for fitting and finishing measurements. Thank you Carsten, for the wonderful work you have done with the treads. They look fantastic!.



Here are treads with their clear finish applied and drying.

Congratulations to Chris Champion for getting ‘Best First Year Apprentice’. Keep up the great work. All that hard work has paid off. We hope to have new photos in our gallery soon, so keep posted.